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Rososo is back (almost)

So the feed crawler problems have been solved and I have put the site back up in a demo location for testing purposes.  If you are reading this, feel free to try it out on

Since its ‘beta’, holding off reblogging / reposting elsewhere would be appreciated.

For those of you who know what it was, I have removed the badge blurb in the About section for now.  It wasn’t used very heavily and I am trying to whittle rososo down to its bare minimum in an effort to ease the transition to a different code framework.  When this transition is succuessfully made, I hope to start rolling out some new features.

Now added to the About section is a shameless grovel for Paypal donations.  In addition to fronting the hosting costs,  I have already and will continue to devote a fair amount of my personal time to maintaining and improving the site.  Anything would be appreciated, but of course not expected.

Please let me know any problems you encounter or feedback you may wish to provide at

I hope to be rolling it out to very soon.

Thank you all for your patience and interest in Rososo.  And thank you Kyle for all your help with the crawler rewrite.