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Road to Recovery

Happy New Decade all.

So sorry for the long downtime and associated, unacceptable radio silence on my part.  We are turning over a new leaf here at Rososo and hope to be up and running soon.

A bit of background on the crash:

Rososo has a crawler that has to go check your feeds every X minutes to find out when they have last updated.  To do this, the previous crawl method was relying on 3rd party tools to fetch the entire feed and parse for a date changed.

As Rososo grew, the number of feeds did as well and this old method was consuming TONS of bandwidth just to read out a single date.

This method has been entirely scrapped and a new feed reader is being written from scratch.  It will be lean and mean and hopefully will allowed for continued growth of the feed base.

Stay tuned.  I will try to keep a pulse here from now on.

Thank you for your continued interest in Rososo.